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What is a Webmaster, Website Designer, and Web Broker?

Here is an interesting question that was asked at the live Business Web Basics class. To give you an idea of what you will be learning from the home course.

What is a webmaster? Who should work on my website? What is a web designer and how do they work on my website. What is a web broker? All questions from the Business Web Basics course. Sign up for free at BusinessWebBasics.com or sign up in the form on the right to get a free checklist to help you map out a successfull web strategy!

Who should use Adwords?


This is a loaded question!

Adwords can be used for so many things! Here are some questions to ask yourself?

Do you know your keywords that convert to customers?
If not Adwords can help identify them!

Can you afford to invest in research to learn what works best on your website?
If yes Adwords can help!

Are you trying to brand a product or image?
If yes Adwords can help.

Are you aware of what page layout converts best for your product?
If not Adwords can help.

Do you think if you had tons of traffic to your website you would have more sales or calls?
Adwords is a good test for this.

Food for thought…

AdWords Questions taken live at Business Web Basics class
AdWords Questions at Business Web Basics class

The Internet has revolutionized the way individuals do business. As a result new ways to advertise a product or service are available.

I am certified by Google as an Adwords Professional. I take the set up of Adwords seriously, and believe that managing Adwords, when done right, will show a return on investment quickly! Or it will show that it is NOT a good investment.

I developed a course called Business Web Basics. It is designed to help a business owner get the best results from their Adwords with out learning how to manage Adwords!

This course is for people who want to learn how to work with and manage employees, vendors, or outsourced consultants.

If advertising is important to your business than consider investing some money on a Google Adwords campaign. Remember, you are in control of the amount of investment! I promise that you will learn what works and what does not. Develop your website goals and strategies. Then test, test, test and when your done test some more.

Pay Per Click fraud


Can a competitors run up your PPC charges?

Here is a great question that was asked during the live Business Web Basics class. Just a sample of some of the info that will be discussed in the home course.

Can a competitor click on your Google AdWords ads and cost you money? Do you know where your clicks are coming from? Do you have a Google rep? Can you get a refund? Find out about Click Fraud and Pay Per Click management. Check out BusinessWebBasics.com or sign up in the form on the right to get a free checklist to help you asses your web strategy.

Google Adwords | what do those two words mean?


Explain Google Adwords, in simple terms. A question I am asked often!

Well Google is the largest Search Engine.

Adwords in short is the place where advertisers can place their ads via Google and their partners.

Google Adwords is a program where advertisers place ads and the goal is simple and sweet – bring in online consumers to the company website.

How does Google Adwords work?

Whenever an Internet user types in a keyword or key phrase in the Google search box, Google returns a page that responds to the keyword. This page has many elements but to stay specific to Adwords, when the page appears, sponsored links (ads) are highlighted in yellow at the top of the page and also ads are on the on the right side page.

Can anyone advertise on Google AdWords?

Yes. To have your ad shown is free. If an Internet user chooses to click on an ad – then the advertiser pays for that click.

Is Google AdWords expensive?

That is a matter of opinion. It is $5.00 to set up an account. Each keyword has a different cost. You can set your own budget.

Here is some interesting info…

Google started in 1998. At the time, the search engine world was dominated by big guns such Alta Vista, and Yahoo. But Google quickly rose in popularity. In such a short amount of time it has now become the leading search engine.