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Hey everyone.

I just had to post this. I just got the final physical course in my hands and I’m so proud of the packaging and design that I wanted to share it with everyone a little early. I know that sounds a little weird, but so much work and love went into every detail of the Business Web Basics course that it’s just good to have it here in my hands!

When the course goes live, there will be access to much more that I can’t show you right now, but just have patience because I’m putting together some AMAZING bonuses just for you!

Business Web Basics Course
Business Web Basics Course

Thanks for checking it out and have an awesome day!


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  1. LuWana says:

    Wow. This is something to shout about Ann. Congrats. Your a great time manager to have time to do this as well as your multi-business platforms. Cool looking and exciting. Thank you for the Business Web Basics and Checklist. Keep on sending, please.

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